About Cora

Cora Bresciano is a reader, a writer, a teacher, and a traveler. In 2008, she co-founded Blue Planet Writers’ Room, a non-profit organization that connects groups of American students with student groups in other countries to collaborate on creative writing and arts projects.

Cora holds an MFA in creative writing and a BS in Music Education, and she is pursuing her PhD in Comparative Studies. Her research focuses on the use of story to interrogate and interrupt the narratives that claim to define nations, cultures, and people. She is particularly interested in how writers and poets can take people who have been left out of these narratives and write them back into the story.

She is also a writer of fiction and non-fiction, always struggling to find the time to sit, breathe, and write uncommon stories about unusual people in unlikely places.

Cora was raised in the US, in a tri-lingual family from Italy and French Canada, in a house where encyclopedia volumes were slyly left lying around by her mother for the children to pick up and read like storybooks.

Her childhood home was filled with the best traditions of Italy, French Canada, and the United States. This taught her that when cultures meet, they don’t have to clash–they can share their best parts instead.

When she was two, she contracted myocarditis, a life-threatening heart condition. She wasn’t allowed to run around for the next two years. This taught her to love books.

During her illness, to break a never-ending fever, her doctor had her parents take her out of the country for a “change of air.” It worked. This taught her that travel heals.

Eventually, she got better. She grew up. She took what she learned and became what she is: a reader, a writer, a teacher, and a traveler.

You can learn more about her and her projects at:

Blue Planet Writers’ Room (non-profit organization)

Hometown Stories (international writing project)


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