#indie30 project: Day 1


How has your view of the world changed because of travel?

That’s the prompt for today, Day 1, of BootnAll’s #indie30 project. BootsnAll is a travel website specializing in RTW–Round The World trips for indie travelers. It’s the site that inspired my daughter and me to sprawl on my bed with a big map of the world a few years ago and try to list the 50 countries we’d like to visit next. (We failed: we couldn’t keep it to 50. We were up in the high 60s when we finally cut ourselves off.)

The #indie30 project is directed at anyone who is creative and loves to travel. Each day in the month of April, BootsnAll will publish a prompt, and anyone who wants to participate will respond to it in some creative fashion: a photo, a video, prose, poetry, even a Facebook post or a Tweet.

Of course, I’ll be participating. Read on:

The Top 6 Ways My View of the World Has Changed Because of Travel:

6. I’ve learned that outside of the United States, a lot of people love eating octopus as much as I do.

5. I’ve learned that a dog in a restaurant is not necessarily a reason to place a frantic call to the health department.

4. I’ve learned that a country’s government may be prickly and ornery, but its people are often astonishingly friendly and kind.

3. I’ve learned that some things that we’ve seen a zillion times on tacky coffee mugs and calendars and tee shirts–things like London’s Tower Bridge, the Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower–are so extraordinary in real life that I now understand why everyone puts them on coffee mugs and calendars and tee shirts.

2. I’ve learned that some things that we’ve never seen seen on a coffee mug or a calendar or a tee shirt–things like a late afternoon rainbow over Austria’s Wörthersee; a mother and her little girl giggling and playing Rock, Paper, Scissors on a Tokyo train; a crowd of grinning people dancing in the sunshine to a reggae band on a Barcelona sidewalk–are so extraordinary that I now understand why you can’t just read about these places–you have to go and see for yourself what is really there, in the small moments, in the spaces between cathedrals and monuments.

1. I’ve learned that to even have a view of the world, you have to get out there into the world.


Happy travels, everyone!



3 thoughts on “#indie30 project: Day 1

  1. […] @GloriousCurious told us, “I’ve learned that outside of the United States, a lot of people love eating octopus as much a….” […]


  2. i literally laughed out loud when reading statement #3. cant wait to read more posts during the #indie30!


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